Why Write?

(I normally try to have first posts be all about the mission statement, what I’m here to do, etc. But, thanks to Pages, that’s no longer necessary. So I’m forced to jump right into things, which is terrifying and therefore I’ve opted for the three-foot minor splash-but my entire torso isn’t even wet rather than the eight-foot straight to the bottom! -dive this could be.)

Why write? More to the point, why write fiction?

Alright, so let’s look at the alternatives.

a) Not writing. I assume that if you’re doing this you’re like me and just cannot get those damn words out of your head because you read so much, in a process suspiciously similar to pooping. Or maybe you’re no good at drawing or singing or dancing and find that this is the creative area in which you excel. (I’ve been drawing since I was three, writing since six. The real question is why I haven’t made a comic yet.)

b) Writing nonfiction. Yeah, some people do that. Most people do it, in fact, whether it be a whole lot of emo poetry about the latest spat with the girlfriend/boyfriend/beneficial friend or a long treatise on Why Our Company Should Not Merge.

Where fiction comes in is the idea of escape. Maybe you can’t write about yourself because you’ve been taught to swallow all your emotions; you find it therapeutic to create a character that’s a whole lot like you but not exactly. Or maybe you’re bored with this universe; you want to imagine an ideal scenario, or a scenario where the world’s problems are solved in a different way (say, magic).

Maybe you just wish reality were that awesome.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to let it all out…right, right? (Ooooh. I’ve just figured out what the next post here should be. Yay me!)


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