Fixing e-book pricing

It’s a clever reference to this recently unveiled scandal–get it?!

Anyway…. I find it hard to be very shocked by this whole thing, considering that every time a new product is introduced, the first move industries make is to figure out how they can maximize their profit margins. And, well, the publishing industries are scared, it’s not surprising they’d run straight for the arms of Apple. (I can’t imagine Amazon cooperating like this, honestly. Amazon sold DRM free music, although what they’re doing by protecting *.mobi confuses me.)

Does anyone have the right to control e-book prices? What’s appropriate to pay for these? And how much should authors be earning on e-book sales (considering that self-publishing on Amazon gets you about 70% of the listed price)?


3 thoughts on “Fixing e-book pricing

  1. Note: from my end, I’m starting to really come around to the whole self-publishing thing. I think the industry’s at its best for traditional printing–so the future of the publishing industry is textbooks?

  2. The agency pricing model was put in affect to combat Amazon’s attempt at a mononoply by selling e-books at a loss. It was a dirty business move on Amazon’s part since they could eat the cost with the intention of inflating profits once the market was theirs to have their way with. I’m not saying any of the companies are free from blame, but Amazon’s business practices have been very low brow since the e-book wars. Look up their book borrow program and how they ignored both author’s and publisher’s right to royalties.

    • Yeah–Amazon’s guilty of being incredibly shady, too–even if it benefited consumers. I don’t think price fixing was quite the right answer, though.

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