70,004 words in 15 days.

Yeah, don’t do that.

As you can see from this, my motivation just goes on a steady downward trend after a while. And part of that was realizing that I’d only allowed for about 50,000 words of plot and just needed to think about where I wanted the themes to bunch up and what the conflicts should be, but the rest of it was me being like OH GOD I AM SICK OF WRITING.
I’m not the best at focusing ever, and you can bet that I’m going to spend the next few days doing non-writing things (drawing, web designing, and Photoshopping) while I clear my head before editing this all in like three days or whatever and then sacrificing to the book gods as I submit it to Harper Collins Voyager. (Note, 70,000 words on the computer is maybe a two hour read for me.)


But anyway, I really really really recommend against this. One because it’s annoying and two because it’s straight up unhealthy. Wrists, back, neck, butt, eyes–by the end I was taking a lot of exercise breaks.


Don’t procrastinate your books.


More on how I actually managed to get this done, despite the whining above. I’ll have some tips that could be useful for you NaNo writers.


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