It’s time for a harsh truth about writing.

Well, really any creative endeavour but this is a writing blog, so a writing tip it is (*°∀°)=& (I was in the mood for Japanese emoticoning, and we’ll all just have to live with that.)

HARSH TRUTH: Just because you’re excited about it and you spent a lot of time on it doesn’t mean it’s worth anything.

So recently I came across a guy who has been trying super hard to self-promote this book that he wrote in five years after a variable career in other creative things (note: in order to not be a Jerky McJerkface who calls authors out without privately letting them know first I’ve changed some vital details). As far as a self-published book goes, the cover looks alright.

Anyway, I went ahead and dug until I found the sample chapter, being like ‘okay guy spent five years on this stuff, so presumably a good chunk of that was editing,’ which I think is a reasonable assumption to make about an adult human being.

Welllll. Maybe it is just the sample, but I caught a ton of syntactical problems (okay, pet peeves, too) as well as basic things they tell you not to do the moment you dip your toes into the authorly critique pool. Stuff that I know would’ve been beaten out of me on Authonomy if I’d posted that level of work there (I got yelled at for switching perspectives within a paragraph; more on that later).

As you may be able to imagine, my mind was boggled.

I operate under the assumption that if you spend a lot of time on a project, you end up being really committed to making sure it’s perfect. Not based on your own standards but by the overall genre or style or whatever it is.

Don’t rush headfirst into publishing. You will embarrass yourself.

And I say this being too embarrassed to link most of the stuff I have in print back to myself. I could’ve done a better job if I’d been more serious about editing it.


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