Microsoft Word is Ruining My Typing

No, seriously.

I spend a fair bit amount of time on chat (and, of course, writing things here or on Goodreads) and the amount of errors I make has gone crazy high. It’s most obvious on chat because I don’t bother correcting (real time communication > fancy conventions), though.

Anyway, I was thinking about this and it makes total sense. MS Word corrects a lot of mistakes, so why not take advantage of the speed? Why go back every time you forget to capitalize the beginning of a sentence or transpose letters or whatever?

The thought process for me is even a bit like Autocorrect. Screw trying to hit every single key on my phone, Autocorrect will surely have the word saved. (Especially if it’s a swearword. Please stop judging me.)

Anyone else got opinions on this?

Also, if you’re curious what I was writing, it was for ChiZine/Ellen Datlow’s Fearful Symmetries anthology.


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