Work for free! A great Craigslist ad from a photographer

Work for free! A great Craigslist ad from a photographer

A creative type speaks out against the ‘well your job is fun so doing it for free won’t be a problem, right?!’

I’m still really on the fence about writing for free…a lot of those little presses are doing it ‘for the love,’ too, but it’s also like, my time should be worth money.

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4 thoughts on “Work for free! A great Craigslist ad from a photographer

  1. Nice link, it’s reminiscent of an internship 🙂

    Though, there is a difference between volunteering your services for free and it just being expected of you as a default career choice; I’ve given to 4theluv in the past with no regrets, given many of my hours away for free on graphics, copy-editing, and critiques, if only because some things are just more important than money and it keeps me humble. But gettin’ paid? Usually my first choice.

    • Haha, isn’t it?! (And some fellowships, depending on what career track you’re in.)

      Yeah, I’ve been in the position of doing things for free because I thought the opportunity was worth it, but I think it’s really important to take a good hard look and decide if you’re that interested first. I think places that assume you’re in it because you love it will also push you to your limits faster than, say, a paid job where they know that making it pure hell will make you leave.

    • Depends on why you’re doing it I think – nowadays, there’s a lot more emphasis on ‘views’ as opposed to a more select but paid audience, which doesn’t work without a buffer (at least initially).

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