How to suck at balancing real and writer life

I work full time. I get up at seven in the morning, home by four. I change, eat, and then I unwind, mostly by doing things that don’t involve using my left brain too much, such as jigsaw puzzles and videogames (I’m taking a break from Prototype, I’m on Catherine right now. It’s wonderful).

If there are things to write for, I cram those in. I dropped in an entry for Neil Clarke’s new anthology, and rewrote some stuff for a few other things. (I’ve got a couple of contracts signed, which is cool. Will Tweet/blog when things are published.)

But what I’m not doing so much is reading new material (I’m a third of the way through Bone) or blogging. The truth is, I don’t feel that bad about it because I’ve only got so much energy and health to spare before I throw it at work the next day.

I realize a cat would be more apropos, but I’m using the same site for these reaction GIFs and they didn’t have one.

Dedicating to writing (I never call myself a writer, but I suppose that’s what it means) is easily full time.

So…how do you balance? Tips appreciated.


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