india india india india


that’s where I’ve been. (the photo is from last year’s trip because I didn’t do any sightseeing this year, haha)

I read like…four, five? more books. So reviews will be forthcoming as I proceed to cry and hide from the weather.

Anyway, about the photo….

We were staying in Delhi with a close friend of my aunt’s and they said it was absolutely essential we hire a guide there. So we get to the Taj Mahal, having taken the old highway—a rotten mess, twice the drive the new one would have been—and we’re tired and all that, and there is this huuuuuge line. Because, don’t you know, it’s Eid, and by the way, there is an actual active mosque on one side of the Taj Mahal.

So there’s this guy who walks up to us and is like ‘yo licensed guide’ and ‘by the way I can help y’all skip this line’ and he has an in with the security guard and so, after some glaring from the crowd, that’s exactly what happens.

Well, and Rs. 750 for my foreigner ticket, and Rs. 40 for the two Indian tickets. The foreigner ticket comes with a water bottle, shoe covers, and access to the fast line for seeing the inside bit with the tombs.

This picture was after we’d gotten through the long, Indian line and I revealed my mastery of filthy Indian cursewords. The guide said it’d be a great place to get a picture and, despite the giant board, it was.

Anyway, it wasn’t anything like that bit in ‘Slumdog Millionnaire’ (which, by the way, is anyone else super pissed about the way that director treated those kids? The state of Maharashtra had to give that little girl’s family a house. If you make millions of dollars you should have the decency to get your actors something. And I’ve seen what it costs in India to not live in abject poverty, it is really not that much.)

Rant aside, it was cool. I know people say it’s overrated and all that, but just enjoy it. It is good.


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