Graphic Novel Review: ‘Chew’ vol. 4 by John Layman & Rob Guillory

Chew, Vol. 4: FlambéChew, Vol. 4: Flambé by John Layman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Things just get more and more real!

Not in the reality sense, not even the slightest. In the other sense of being awesome.

At this point it’s obvious I’m down with the whole setup—the slew of weird food-based powers, which the authors stretch to the absolute limits of plausibility (just kidding, they don’t bother trying to make these plausible!), and the extant Greek and Latin roots (turns out sabo-everything doesn’t always have the best ring to it). So far I’ve had a pretty good time trying to decipher what each new power is before they explain it. Hooray for fourth grade.

The mindless violence continues to be a factor. Guillory draws it so well, the colors look magnificent, et cetera et cetera. The looseness of the style goes perfectly with how weird things get. For those of you who’ve read it: voresoph. Pretty sure I made some reaction faces for that scene.

I’m an avid reader of webcomics, and some of them push strangeness for the sake of being strange. It’s nice to read something that has no problem throwing curveball after curveball, but not in a wholly random way.

While each volume has a self-contained narrative, the real plot—at least, the one introduced at the end of Volume 1—continues to develop. The books really do remind me of episodes in a TV show like Supernatural, where you have monster-of-the-week ongoing, but over time the main plot continues to bubble and froth. (Pun so intentional, it hurts me more than it hurts you. I promise.)

Drama! Ninjas! Food!

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