Why does #YesAllWomen matter to me?

I’ve never been on the receiving end of misogyny. Before someone brings up “internalized misogyny” or whatever the cool kids are calling dissenting opinions these days, my mother is awesome and, despite growing up in a culture that pushed her into the kitchen and then marriage, never let me think I had to do any of it. I’m not a victim, and construing me as one is as insulting as doing the same based on my skin color.

And yet…misogyny shouldn’t have to be universal to be a problem people care about or at least acknowledge. Just because I’ve never attempted suicide, or known anyone who killed themselves, doesn’t mean it’s not a major health concern (thanks, this week’s Nature).

There’s clearly overreactions, like making Robin Thicke out to be a bigger problem for women than the attitude that created Steubenville, but at the same time, there are factors like the men’s rights activists who turn everything into a competition. Support for women in schools? But boys read less…! –acknowledging one doesn’t negate helping the other.

The point is that a society where people are on an equal footing and don’t have to struggle just to be at the baseline is a better society. It’s happier, more productive, safer, healthier, richer. (The Science special on poverty is worth a read.)

So yeah. I may not be one of those “all women” the tag is talking about, and obviously no man is (transsexual perspectives more than welcome) but that doesn’t invalidate its relevance to me, or to you.


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