You don’t have to be miserable to be a writer

…but some degree of creative discontent helps.

Right around the time I vanished off the face of this account I switched jobs, and aside from no longer having the time during work to hammer out entire short fiction pieces, I went home every night and found I simply didn’t give a shit. Between martial arts and finally getting to do creative things at work (and, alright, drawing on the side), I was happy. It’s telling that a month away from martial arts is the first time I’ve completed anything new since last year.

In truth, I don’t see a real responsibility to produce content – no one is asking me to, and a million others post every day, many of whom are better than me – so it’s not a big deal. I’m an adult and after a full day of work, I feel pretty damn entitled.

That said, I do post all the time on Goodreads, always happy to friend new people if you do want to stay in touch.

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