Priya Chand is a transplanted desert shrub in the vicinity of Chicago with a major in neuroscience and minor in art. She uses the latter at her day job in data analytics, and the former when moonlighting as a science fiction writer. When she isn’t reading, writing, or eating, she enjoys swimming, martial arts, and naps.

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  1. hello! what’s your take on the works of Ray Bradbury, Orson Scott Card, and Arthur C. Clarke? oh, and let’s throw Anne Rice in there for kicks. (totally not sciFi, but she’s the first woman writer that comes to mind whose books i enjoy–the vampire one in particular)

    oatmeal chocolate chip cookie? sounds like a sort of YingYang approach to the chocolate chip vs. oatmeal raisin dilemma…best of both worlds?

    i occasionally blog about food…if and when i can find some video game-theme with which to tie into. >[:)

    • Hello hello!

      Let’s see…I like everything I’ve read by Bradbury (and I think ‘Dandelion Wine’ is incredibly underrated next to his speculative stuff), I like ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘Ender’s Shadow’ although I wasn’t into the grown-up series (and that’s all I’ve read by OSC), ‘2001’ was fun but it’s honestly the only Clarke I’ve read (shame on me!) and ‘Interview With A Vampire’ is brilliant but the child sex in some of her later witchy stuff skeeves me out.

      How about you?

      OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ARE SO GOOD THEY DESERVE ALL CAPS. Seriously, they are the best kind of cookie. Something about the texture plus chocolatey goodness. Raisins are too chewy!

      If oatmeal chocolate chip cookies were a videogame they would probably be Mass Effect 2, on account of their perfect balance between oatmeal (storytelling) and chocolatey goodness (smacking up some Reapers).

      • i haven’t played the ME trilogy yet, but that’s kinda awesome you drew an analogy between the second game and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. i’ll hafta try them (both the series & the baked goods) sometime.

        i’ve read Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” and “The Illustrated Man” (short story compilation), OSC’s “Speaker for the Dead” (Ender’s Game’s direct sequel, i think?), and “2001: A Space Odyssey.” i must confess that i’ve watched more scifi than i have read, and i’ve read of more vampires than i have slain them in games; i’ve read probably around 6 Anne Rice.
        unlike the Resident Evil novelizations (meh~ ), i’ve found that HALO novels are pretty well written.

      • Yes do it. πŸ˜€

        Yeah, Speaker for the Dead is what it’s called! I could not remember. I read the first one of that series.

        Oooo interesting. I usually stay off the video game novelizations, but I should poke them sometime, thanks for the rec!

  2. i’ve noticed your recent reviews of various comics and graphic novels, but truth is that i haven’t been following much comics lately (though i do currently have Hellboy: the Right Hand of Doom borrowed from the library).

    i was wondering if you’ve read or reviewed the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series? apparently, vol.1 is getting close to 10 years old now! i’ve only read vol.1 out of the 6 so far.
    the chiptunes soundtrack for the game is some fun aural tastiness~ >[:)

    • I’ve read them all! I don’t think I ever posted the reviews here. I posted a couple of briefs about how I felt about them being redone in color on Goodreads – long story short, it works because they took the time to make sure it would work (and Vegan Todd looks aweeesome with glowy effects). But yeah, never actually reviewed them I don’t think!

      • give me shout @omegaCarotene on twitter you ever do write a more extensive review on series! πŸ˜€

        i never knew until just now that they were redone in color; thanx for the heads up. i do know that scott&ramona and company look pretty sweet in 16-bit-styled pixelArt form in the game, though.

      • Will do πŸ˜€

        Oh yeah, I think the first three or four volumes are out so far. Could be more, I’ve fallen behind.

        How is the game??

      • I liked the demo, and eventually bought the game on PSN. (i ‘d gotten it for $5 during a sale last feb, in 2o13) plus the soundtrack on amazon (some awesome rockin’ chipTunes by Amanaguchi).
        The game’s basically a brawler–a la Streets of Rage or the old Ninja Turtles arcade game–with 2D sprite graphics, plus some (traditionally) RPG elements like leveling up and stores in which you can buy food to enhance stats or restore HP. Hooray for no longer having to eat hamburgers out of trash cans or pizza off the street!

        Sadly, i still yet to get around to gathering 3 friends to play it with, ha~

  3. ha, sorry for totally ‘spamming’ this comment section~ (didn’t know that WP would automatically post the vid here, rather than just the URL)
    but the “Bollywood” track i ‘d mentioned is at the 20:17 mark~ β™«

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