Microsoft Word is Ruining My Typing

No, seriously.

I spend a fair bit amount of time on chat (and, of course, writing things here or on Goodreads) and the amount of errors I make has gone crazy high. It’s most obvious on chat because I don’t bother correcting (real time communication > fancy conventions), though. Continue reading



Amanda Palmer’s ‘A Poem for Dzhokhar’ – a scathing review on Gawker

NOTE: Palmer responded to the rage in a wonderfully non-defensive way. I still think it was a bad approach to a sensitive topic, and she doesn’t deny (or confirm) picking that title for the views, but okay sure one respect point back. Continue reading


Ilsa J. Blick on women vs women in the workplace

With the whole ‘big dongle’ thing bringing feminism back into the spotlight (and I’m going to say now that I find that pretty much hilarious, I’m proud of my filthy mind) I’m reblogging this post, which was definitely my favorite from International Womens Week. Not just because I can relate to it (my friends tend to be male) but because it raises this amazing point about how we need to stop ragging on each other and stop dissing the choices or looking at people with hackles up and start being a community. Regardless of what you do, alienating others like you isn’t the way to go.

Lessons from Bollywood: why censorship is bad

(Disclaimer: it’s technically not Bollywood, at least not the whole Mumbai giant machine industry, but eh. Sounded good in the title.) Continue reading

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

I got tagged by the pretty fantabulous E. Kristin Anderson, who runs the Dear Teen Me project (in print through Zest). We’ve collaborated in the past and she’s pretty boss, both in the YA sphere and generally. Goodtimes, go there instead.

of course this gif is relevant. I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

Anyway, questions!

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Changed in Translation – Jay Rubin on the missing chapters in Murakami’s ‘Wind Up Bird Chronicle’

Ctrl + F “This last point may be related to one of the problems I’ve encountered translating modern Japanese literature: a different notion of editing in Japan.

Honestly I didn’t see much point to the Kano sisters myself. They were so transient they didn’t need much development.

But at the same time, doesn’t this compromise Murakami’s original intent?