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I am October’s featured author at 365Tomorrows!

Pride – What do androids get addicted to?

The Sharing Economy – Your data or your life.

Rare Earth – Risk vs reward. Prompt from a friend: Tarot major arcana ‘The Fool’.

Spring, If There Were Still Seasons – The children are our future.


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The “c” in “PoC” should stand for culture

… because the color thing is a load of surface level excuses that let people look tolerant without having to educate themselves from either side.

much serious

okay so this is cool: the teacher who owns this dog is using the meme to promote that he’s a puppy mill rescue. So there: adopt a rescue!

My next story is going to feature a protagonist named Lakeesha. Lakeesha grew up in an upper middle class suburb, her parents are lawyers. She played softball through middle school, switched to volleyball in high school, got a 30 on the ACT, and is now studying business in Michigan.

But she’s diverse, because she has a stereotypically “urban” name! Continue reading


A Merry Little Apex Christmas Flash Fiction Contest

I’m only half tempted to try writing Supernatural fanfiction. I don’t write fantasy (or fanfiction), though….

Anyway, flash fiction is pretty great, as are all things dark when paired with all things excessively cheerful.

Re: GIF, if you haven’t seen the show, this is what I’m talking about. All in good cheer ;p

In which a vocal minority ruins it for the rest of us, and nothing changes anyway

I would be okay with every movie featuring non-white stars turning out like Harold and Kumar.

At times I think I should drop the whole ‘stop calling me a “person of color” I am not my skin’ thing…after all, the sudden pervasiveness of that term, and a demand for characters and authors who fit that term (well, except whites, sorry I guess you’re not a color anymore) in publishing is more a result of outside pressure than some weird new cult of exoticism. Continue reading


‘Reach for the stars’ in Nature Futures

I’m going to go on record as saying this restores some of my science cred. It’s got citation info attached and everything. Free online to read 😀

Before you freak out about that cool new Parkinson’s treatment, this is a lot more about applying to med school than deep brain stimulation. I was tempted to throw in an apology to the professor at our school who’s done some awesome research into it, but I couldn’t remember his name exactly; it’s long and Greek. (I’m not vaguely the sort who would fit in to a medical program. Kids, don’t listen to your parents.)

ALA 2013 wrapup!

(If Castiel comes knocking, I will have to lend it to him. Sorry E)

There was some TV series fangirling, but it counts because THAT’S WRITING TOO. (If Castiel comes knocking, I will have to lend it to him. Sorry E)

It probably doesn’t count as a real wrapup if I only went for one day (and it’s still going on), but as it so happens I live in the vicinity of Chicago and E. Kristin Anderson talked me into going. (It went something like ‘Dude, books’ and then I was like ‘…in’.) Anyway, even for one day, lots of things happened and they were fantastic! If it’s convenient for you and you love all the books, I would go. Knowing people there helps a lot, though, and admittedly it’s better if you can say you’re published 😛

Anyway, I got to meet E. for the first time in person. It’s pretty wild, considering that we have managed to write two whole books together and also work together on Dear Teen Me, but hey that’s globalization. Welcome to the future! Continue reading

Before you get excited about cover art….

This one is more for people looking into commissioning cover artwork (self-publishing seems to be the big one, although there are so many new zines out there this probably applies to some of them), but also check out this awesome post on E. Kristin Anderson’s blog with all kinds of great insight into the cover process.

Anyway, I recently heard a horror story about commissioned cover artwork (from a friend who was directly involved in the mess), where the only person who really came out on top was the skeevy designer. I did design and Photoshop work through college and a bit afterwards, and I dip my toes into photomanipulation a fair bit, so a lot of this information is based on what I’ve seen around. (Also, there was this point in time where I did an art minor—I took all two digital art classes woooooo.) Sorry for the lack of definitive sources. Read the link above. 😛

I think the worst part of this by far was that the photographer/model wasn’t even informed of what was happening. If there’s any plans to commercialize a work, everyone who has contributed it needs to be aware. Some people are generous enough to release their work without limits, but honestly, if money is involved, better safe than sorry. Continue reading


Dr. Raynard S. Kington on being an ‘African American scientist’

This nails exactly how I feel about being called out as Asian/female before anything else. Moving from a negative to a positive fixation on race/sex/whatever is ‘progressive’ in a very sideways use of the term. You’re still seeing those qualities, you’re just treating them differently now.

That said, I’m all for positive discrimination in favor of the economically disadvantaged. That vicious cycle is much harder to break.