Book Review: ‘Bossypants’ by Tina Fey

BossypantsBossypants by Tina Fey

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So I’m not a fan of memoirs. I think that if you’re an interesting enough person, someone else will want to write about you and that there is really no point to doing it yourself. I’ve read a couple of David Sedaris’ essays and some other anecdotes, and that is really my only other exposure to this form of nonfiction. (To be honest I would’ve left this near the bottom of my to-read list if I hadn’t done a guest post for International Women’s Week on E. Kristin Anderson’s blog, but I don’t have any actual regrets about reading it. Disliking a genre doesn’t mean not appreciating good writing.)

I read this whole book in about three hours because I couldn’t stop reading. I love the comedy in ’30 Rock’—even the episodes where you could tell they were thin on material, there were still funny lines—and any show about a nerd that isn’t completely blatantly LOOK AT ME, I AM NERD (cough cough ‘The Big Bang Theory’) has my attention. Continue reading



Happy International Women’s Day

I made you a post over at E. Kristin Anderson‘s blog! Definitely check out the other posts for this week, she’s managed to get some awesome stuff together. 😀