Five good reasons to shut up about your Nano plans

1. They don’t matter. NaNo novels aren’t finished products. They’re hideous messes. Yet, it’s a popular activity that many published authors engage in (probably). Why? Because they prove something to you. The social aspect of having a website and hashtag and, well, Interweb just obscure the fact that NaNo is as personal a venture as anything can be. It doesn’t take a village to write fifty thousand words.

2. Remember that “writing” thing? There’s no reason to write nothing until November. If anything, now is a perfect time to figure out your voice and practice with sketches or exercises so you don’t fizzle out and spend the rest of your month whining or looking for prompts on the forums. Plus, speaking from experience, you need a certain amount of detail in mind to reach novel length.

3. Performance anxiety. NaNo is about quantity, not quality. If you get everyone and their mom hyped up about your idea, how easy will you find crapping out the first draft of that story?

4. You need to be excited through November. Okay, maybe you are self absorbed enough (or… fine, have a long enough attention span) to still be excited and fresh on November 29. But for the rest of humanity…. Make yourself anticipate. Rev up the engine, don’t burn half your fuel half a month out.

5. No, seriously. I don’t care. Finished products are where it’s at. If you can’t deliver, don’t make the promise… and it’s not deliverable until it’s done.


National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

I swear the word ‘November’ fit into there somewhere…anyway. Depending on the websites you frequent, NaNoWriMo is either a huge deal or one of those background things that’s viewed with a vague contempt because We’re Better Than That.

Personally, it does nothing for me. I’ve done the rush thing, gotten it all out in 15 days (it was only 69,000 words and I was unemployed, okay?!)…and ended up with utter crap. Which, I am given to understand, is somewhat the point: not to produce any kind of masterpiece or thing worthy of publication, but to show yourself that you can indeed write a novel if you just get your ass down to it! And, of course, it comes with the whole communal sharing of experience thing, which despite my “best” efforts this blog hasn’t done….


Obviously, I don’t have a whole lot to say right now…so I’d like to hear it from you: whether you’ve participated, how successful you think it would be for you, &c. &c.



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