Featured author at 365Tomorrows

I am October’s featured author at 365Tomorrows!

Pride – What do androids get addicted to?

The Sharing Economy – Your data or your life.

Rare Earth – Risk vs reward. Prompt from a friend: Tarot major arcana ‘The Fool’.

Spring, If There Were Still Seasons – The children are our future.


Thanks 365Tomorrows 🙂



A Merry Little Apex Christmas Flash Fiction Contest

I’m only half tempted to try writing Supernatural fanfiction. I don’t write fantasy (or fanfiction), though….

Anyway, flash fiction is pretty great, as are all things dark when paired with all things excessively cheerful.

Re: GIF, if you haven’t seen the show, this is what I’m talking about. All in good cheer ;p


Hunger Mountain’s YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy Issue

I’ve linked straight to the one by me (egomaniac ftw) but the rest of these are absolute must-reads!

If you’re into writing stuff with a YA voice I highly recommend ‘Hunger Mountain.’ I’ll have a post later on what totally kills a YA/kids’ piece, though 😛