A Merry Little Apex Christmas Flash Fiction Contest

I’m only half tempted to try writing Supernatural fanfiction. I don’t write fantasy (or fanfiction), though….

Anyway, flash fiction is pretty great, as are all things dark when paired with all things excessively cheerful.

Re: GIF, if you haven’t seen the show, this is what I’m talking about. All in good cheer ;p



“Adrenaline” + Interview in Crossed Genres

Have a look and tell me what you think…and read the other stories this issue, they’re great! (And the editors are fabulous people, etc. etc.)

I really did almost call it “Epinephrine.”


Zak Smith’s Illustrations For Each Page of Gravity’s Rainbow

This is super awesome. I think he nailed the claustrophobic, constant sense of WTF I remember that book giving me. (Especially the bits with the coprophilia. I have no idea how those related to the plot at all, but I think the guy was a general?)

I love looking at the Library of Congress listing for ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ because it is just the most confused thing ever. It’s in like a trillion different sections. Continue reading


‘Reach for the stars’ in Nature Futures

I’m going to go on record as saying this restores some of my science cred. It’s got citation info attached and everything. Free online to read 😀

Before you freak out about that cool new Parkinson’s treatment, this is a lot more about applying to med school than deep brain stimulation. I was tempted to throw in an apology to the professor at our school who’s done some awesome research into it, but I couldn’t remember his name exactly; it’s long and Greek. (I’m not vaguely the sort who would fit in to a medical program. Kids, don’t listen to your parents.)


Jincy Willett and Thomas Dunne: The Slate Book Review author-editor conversation.

For me, the really interesting bit is the part where they discuss how the Internet has failed to fill the void of book reviews. Is this because there’s simply too much out there for people to pick up on a good (or super-bad) thing, or is it because for a lot of us blogging is something that happens in spare moments between work and videogames?

At any rate, I know someone would have to be paying me to even blog on a regular schedule. The Internet has just never been a priority like that.


Dr. Raynard S. Kington on being an ‘African American scientist’

This nails exactly how I feel about being called out as Asian/female before anything else. Moving from a negative to a positive fixation on race/sex/whatever is ‘progressive’ in a very sideways use of the term. You’re still seeing those qualities, you’re just treating them differently now.

That said, I’m all for positive discrimination in favor of the economically disadvantaged. That vicious cycle is much harder to break.


Writers’ Digest: 15 things a writer should never do

As much as I think a list of things writers should do is useless, I think a list of things writers shouldn’t do is great. It’s a lost less constricting, you see.

The biggest one, personally, is the one about taking criticism. The truth is, I have plenty of opinions on how you can make your work better, but I don’t want to share them when I think I’ll get yelled at. a) it’s a waste of my time, and b) it’s not really encouraging.

Anyway, I see so many of these things online, I just want to repost this everywhere. (A friend on one of those sites showed it to me first, so we’re actually mostly covered…oh well.)